If you have:

  • thin eyebrows
  • unbalanced eyebrows
  • only half of an eyebrow
  • a wounded part of an eyebrow that needs to be retouched
  • a desire to look younger and more attractive

...or simply want to have more stylish eyebrows,

Please come in for consulting. 

We will focus on coming up with a customized style for you, and help you turn into a great looking man in a short time with only a little change. 

Sherri's semi permanent makeup is special because it looks just like your natural eyebrows (but better/more enhanced),

nobody will be able to tell even on the day you got it since touch ups are made slightly on the desired area only.

When does it start looking natural?
Right away. 


(After 10 minutes )


(After 10 minutes)

How must does it cost?
$350, and it includes a complimentary touch-up session two weeks after.

How long does it take?

About 30 minutes

Does it hurt?
Numbing cream is used.

Is there any downtime or restrictions after the procedure?
There's no downtime.

When can I wash my face, take a shower, or put on makeup?

You can wash your face and shower immediately, and it's best not to use any facial cleansers that have exfoliating granules. 

What color should I use?
Natural-looking brows are achieved by using a color that's close to your own brows. I custom-blend to very closely match your eyebrow color.

What shape should I get?
I can customize during counseling, but the most natural eyebrow shape is one that is similar to your original eyebrows. 

When should the retouch be done?
Two weeks after.

When should I return for the maintenance touch-up?
Typically, clients return about a few months to a year later, but as needed by the customer (there is a small fee). 

How long does it last?
1 to 4 years, depending on skin type, makeup/skincare products used, and your lifestyle.

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