Sherri's eye line will make you very happy as it is not visible when you close your eyes and
will make your eyes look more defined when you open your eyes.

One of our clients posted a blog after she got her eyebrows done, and you can read about it here:

Thickness of the eyeline
For a more natural, age-erasing look, a thin line can be drawn above where the eyelashes are.

Outer corner of the eyeline
It might be more natural to not extend it if possible. 

How long does it take?
1 hour
How much does it hurt?
Although the procedure might seem painful, it is quick and easy to endure since it only lasts for about five minutes and an anesthetic ointment is applied to the skin prior to the procedure. It's definitely bearable, and the most common comments from clients have been: "It wasn't that bad!" and "Totally worth it."

                                   Before                                                               After(Even possible to go on a date right after.)
When should I have re-touch?
2 weeks later

How long will it be maintained?
From one year to nine years depending on your skin.(There is a little retouch cost after one year)

When can I start taking a shower or putting on makeup?
You can wash your face from the very first day and continue to wear makeup,
but we recommend that you refrain from using mascara or eyeliner for one week.

When does it start looking natural?
From the very first day 
                                           Before                                                                  Natural after 10 MINUTES
What if my eyes are differently shaped?
We can adjust them to look the same at your request 

Lower eyeline?
It might look more natural to not change it.

Outer corner of eyeline?
It might look more natural to not extend it.

We use the method of thinly drawing in between eyelashes to fill them in. 
It is inconvenient to draw the inner side of the eyeline,

and applying too much makeup on the line can cause eyes to be bloodshot since
it increases the chances of foreign objects falling into the eyes.

Drawing too thickly can also have the adverse effect of causing smudges around the lower eyeline,
creating a dark circle.

Eyeline semi-permanent makeup is more effective than cosmetic surgery in making
eyes look beautiful from the first day of procedure.

It’s not recommended to extend the semi-permanent eyeline makeup
line to the outer side of the actual eye line,

since the line can later on droop more and more, requiring erasure via laser.
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