My eyebrow style is
really really
natural looking eyebrows Without make-up.

To enhance your eyebrows or
for special events,

make-up can be applied to give it a more dramatic look.

my goal is
to give you natural looking eyebrows from the minute you wake up.


When does it start looking natural?

 Right away.
(Even between newlyweds the husband doesn't know what has been done.)

                              (Before)                                             (Taken right after Sherri had done eyebrow)  









Can i wear make-up after getting the eyebrow tattoo?

Yes, because Sherris technique is very natural without make-up.
To add additional style, make-up can be applied.

What is Sherri's eyebrow tattoo technique called?

Sherri's eyebrows are semi-permanent hair-stroke tattoos. 

When can I wash my face, take a shower, or put on makeup?

You can wash your face and shower immediately,
and it's best not to use any facial cleansers that have exfoliating granules 

How long does it take?
About 1 hour.

Does it hurt?
Numbing cream is used.

Is there any downtime or restrictions after the procedure?
There's no downtime.


What color should I use?

Natural-looking brows are achieved by using a color that's close to your own brows.
I custom-blend to very closely match your eyebrow color.






What shape should I get?
I can customize during counseling, but the most natural eyebrow shape
(one that is similar to your original eyebrow) is best.

When should the retouch be done?
Depends on each clients skin type,
a retouch might be required anywhere from 6 months up to a year. 




 (At 2week touchup)                                          (After 10 minutes retouched)

When should I return for the maintenance touch-up?
Typically, clients return about a few months to a year later, but as needed by the customer 

(there is a small fee)

How long does it last?

1 to 4 years, depending on skin type, makeup/skincare products used, and your lifestyle.

Is it possible to correct the eyebrow tattoo that I had before?

If the color is dark blue, it can be easily removed with a laser by a dermatologist, and you can have a new, natural eyebrow after three months. If the color remains as orange or red, it can be corrected right away.


 Have any empty spots from scars?

 Thin hair stroke tattoos can cover up the spaces. Pictures below are taken immediately after tattoo was done over scar. 



The current fashion changes, 
and preferences also change, 
so we need semi-permanent eyebrow makeup that can be changed, 
rather than something that lasts for a long time. 

We are so happy to reassure everyone who initially comes to us nervous and anxious. 
Sherri always studies new eyebrows and makes efforts to develop here skills more for her customers.


One of our clients posted a blog after she got her eyebrows done, and you can read about it here:

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