Sherri's style is......
natural from the very first day.

I do a natural look without makeup...!!


I go from drawing trees.....
to drawing eyebrows...



I bought a pencil and paper at a store
And sketched an eyebrow, line by line.
After drawing a few strokes,
its delicate details looked like feathers.


It is my hope that I can help your eyebrows shine and gleam,

like the feathers of beautiful birds,

Semi-permanent tattoo doesn’t eliminate the need for makeup,

Just ever so lightly on the desired parts!

but rather simply gives definition to your natural face.

It’s a failure if everyone you meet asks, 

"Oh my, what did you do to your brows?"

because your eyebrows stand out.

Semi-permanent makeup should quietly enhance your eyebrows

so that others can hardly notice.

There are many colors in the world.
There are many shapes in the world.
But I only wish to draw eyebrows.

-Registered Body Art Practitioner - Certification No. #SR0030605

-Public Health Operating Permit - PR0167510

-Esthetician License No. z 86216

-Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Training Program

 Certification No. 00607

-American Academy of Micropigmentation Associate Member


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